Wanting to Plan the Perfect Bachelor or Bachelorette Party?

As time passes, crafting distinctive bachelor and bachelorette parties becomes increasingly challenging. Destination getaways present logistical and financial hurdles. Spa days, though pleasant, lack novelty. Bar crawls carry the risk of unwelcome surprises, such as soiled shoes. Instead, consider axe throwing for a truly unique experience. This unconventional choice promises a standout celebration, solidifying your reputation as the ultimate Maid of Honor or bridesmaid. Embark on an adventure that is both thrilling and, importantly, camera-ready. Or perhaps the absence of shoe-related mishaps reigns as the paramount concern.

It’s all about good, clean fun. Picture a bachelor or bachelorette party where even a parent could join without feeling awkward. Set up decorations in your designated area, bring along sashes and a crown, buy some snacks and drinks, and you’ve got the recipe for a perfect bash. When the bride or groom-to-be reflects on their journey to their altar, it won’t be the ceremony, the flowers, or even the slightly questionable best man speech that stands out. It’ll be the exhilarating axe throwing experience, undoubtedly etched in their memory.

Photo of bachelor party group at Capital axe throwing

Consider These When Planning Your Friend's Special Event

Bachelorette party group holding axes at Capital Axe Throwing

Planning a bachelor or bachelorette party at an axe throwing venue can be an exhilarating and memorable experience for everyone involved. To ensure a successful event, here’s a guide to help you plan:

Choose the Venue 

Research and select a reputable axe throwing venue in your area. Consider factors such as location, price, availability, and reviews from previous customers.

Make Reservations

Contact the venue in advance to book a date and time for your party. Axe throwing venues can get busy, especially on weekends, so securing your reservation early is essential.

Invite Guests

Create a guest list and send out invitations well in advance to ensure attendance. Consider the preferences and schedules of the bride or groom-to-be when selecting who to invite.

Arrange Transportation

Coordinate transportation for guests, especially if the venue is located far from where most attendees live. This ensures everyone can participate safely and conveniently.

Safety First

Prioritize safety by ensuring that all participants receive proper instructions on how to throw axes safely. Supervision by trained staff at the venue can also help prevent accidents.

Food and Drinks

Coordinate food and drinks for the event. Capital Axe Throwing venues offer catering options as well as many concessions food and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) options. Check out our catering options here!

Capture Memories 

Don’t forget to document the fun! Designate someone to take photos and videos throughout the party. Check out our social media after your event for your group’s photos!

Gifts and Favors

Consider giving the bride or groom-to-be a memorable gift or party favor to commemorate the occasion.

Enjoy the Experience

Most importantly, relax and enjoy the experience with the bride or groom-to-be and all the guests. Axe throwing is a unique and exciting activity that is sure to create lasting memories for everyone involved.

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